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21 10, 2019

NATS Launch Online Hobbyist Training

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NATS have launched a brand new online training scheme for hobbyist drone users on their website in order to raise awareness of the drone safety rules. This animated online course is available free of charge on their website and is designed to offer new drone users and hobbyists to gain an overview of the current UK drone safety rules and regulations.  It also tests users on their understanding and reinforces their learning by [...]

17 10, 2019

The Government Report on Commercial & Recreational Drone Use

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October saw the publication by the Government's Science and Technology Committee on Commercial and Recreational Drone Use in the UK. Fuelled, at least in part, by the disruption caused at Gatwick Airport in 2018, this report offers a comprehensive review of the current position of drone use in the UK as well as a set of recommendations for the future and how opportunities can be leveraged while minimising risks caused by UAVs. The [...]

4 10, 2019

Drones and Warehouse Efficiency

By |2019-10-04T10:50:25+01:00October 4th, 2019|Categories: General|Tags: , , , , , , , |0 Comments

With drones continuing to make inroads into many commercial areas, warehouse management is one that is tailor-made to benefit from the automation potential that UAVs have to offer. Warehouses still require a great deal of human input when it comes to picking and packing goods. However, drones can take some of the strain when it comes to inventory management - one of the more time consuming areas of running a warehouse business.  Drones [...]

1 10, 2019

Flying Drones and Sharing the Air with Military Aircraft

By |2019-09-24T15:52:22+01:00October 1st, 2019|Categories: General|Tags: , , , , , , |0 Comments

As drones become more widely used, more focus is applied as to how they can safely share the airspace with other users.  Traditional manned aircraft operate above the 400 foot ceiling for legal drone operation however, the military often fly below this altitude as part of their essential training exercises. Military training exercises are not limited by geography or timetables as they can occur anywhere across the UK throughout the day [...]

12 09, 2019

Underwater Drones

By |2019-09-12T15:23:21+01:00September 12th, 2019|Categories: Marine|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

While aerial drones are fast becoming commonplace, underwater drones or ROVs have been slower to make their way into mainstream consumer technology.  Both offer the opportunity to explore new areas and gain a fresh perspective on the world around us, with marine drones having the advantage of being free from much of the legislation that aerial drone pilots have to navigate. The vast majority of underwater drones operate tethered to a buoy or [...]

10 09, 2019

Altitude Angel Take Steps to Improve Drone Safety

By |2019-09-12T15:21:10+01:00September 10th, 2019|Categories: General|Tags: , , , , , , |0 Comments

Altitude Angel is the world's leading unmanned traffic management (UTM) provider and has taken steps to improve safety in the skies for all users by introducing a 'just culture' reporting system for drone operators and pilots. With the aim of catching up to the reporting standards already in place for the manned aviation industry, which is based on the principle of just culture.  This is not a no-blame scenario but it does recognise [...]

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