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7 10, 2019

Waterproof Drones

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One of the most common causes of cancelled drone flights, especially in a country like the UK, is poor weather.  Most UAVs are unable to fly in the rain as, even if the problem of water on the lens could be overcome, their electronic components aren't shielded from the elements. However, there is a growing range of waterproof drones available that can be flown in inclement weather as well as offering exciting potential [...]

1 09, 2019

Drones and Wedding Photography

By |2019-09-06T12:26:16+01:00September 1st, 2019|Categories: Weddings|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

In the long, long list of things to do when you're planning a wedding, there's a relatively new checkbox that has appeared on the To Do List - hire a drone pilot. Couples are increasingly including a view from the skies as part of the ways in which they are going to capture their wedding memories. A UAV pilot isn't the perfect guest at all wedding venues but at those with substantial grounds, [...]

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