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We believe that networking is key to small owner-managed businesses and creatives when competing with established larger commercial operators and high end production companies in an ever evolving market for remote camera operators and service providers using drone technologies.

While Drones are synonymous these days with unmanned aerial aircraft or vehicles (UAV), remote camera technology can be used just as easily and effectively on the ground, suspended from cables, deployed on masts, or operated under water. We are a new network with a big vision, and looking to network with like minded professionals looking for marketing and business opportunities.

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Available Listings

  • Drone Pilot UAVs

  • Thermographers

  • Underwater Drone Ops

  • Elevated MASTs

  • Spotter Casual Staff

  • 2nd Camera Operators

  • Ground & Cable Cam

  • Training Provider 

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Network Benefits & Options

All Subscriptions Include

Subscriptions are £FREE

  • Multiple Network Map Listings

  • Access to Knowledge Base

  • Access to Online Training

  • Skill Set Certifications

  • National Network Promotion

  • SEO Website Link Benefits

  • Supplier and Partner Discounts

  • Client Account Management Work Orders

  • Formal Templates

  • Downloadable Resources

Website Services (Optional)

Website Package Price £85 annually

  • WordPress Website Hosting

  • WordPress Installation & Maintenance

  • Monthly SEO Management & Consulting

  • Monthly SEO Audit & Reviews


Free Subscription Registration

First register with our network, then once your registration is complete, you can add your listings. You can have multiple listings across all our drone sectors, but one per category.


Our strategy is to harness the national, and ultimately, international collective power of smaller businesses and single owner managed operators with a view to marketing this network to larger commercial buyers and government contracts under a client account management administration.

Subscribers in our Specified and Certified categories will further benefit from territory and franchise status, so as work becomes available you will have first option and avoid the need to tender/compete with others in the network as you do in other membership websites.

In addition and optionally, we hope to provide valuable additional services to our participants by solving common administration problems such as

  • Website hosting
  • SEO Management
  • Operational manual updates
  • Business templates & resources
  • Certified casual staffing for hire
  • Training Resources for certification

Our early adopters will benefit from our free subscription for life. We may possibly introduce a nominal subscription in the future, but IF we do this will be for only for new subscribers, existing subscribers to the network will always remain free.

Our goal is to directly market our network of participants to commercial and governmental buyers, purchasers and larger national corporate companies looking for national and international imaging service solutions. Our income strategy is to target advertising revenues and a commission structure from our Client Account customers, NOT our network subscribers, their participation will be free.

Now is an excellent opportunity to get involved in this new network enterprise. We will continue to invest into our network and bring significant SEO benefit to those with websites linked from our website as the business matures in the SEO space, so for that alone your association will be a sound decision. In addition we will bring industry information, discounts, partnerships and downloadable resources over time.

To subscribe and participate in our network, you need to first register. Once your registration has been moderated, you then create the listings that are relevant to you and your operation will appear on our maps and directories once we launch. You can have one listing in each of our network markets, although there are franchise opportunities in many of the markets which means you can have multiple locations pinned in our maps for your national services, you will not be limited to one location.

Subscribe to our Network