Roof inspections using drones are probably the most logical use of this new technology.  There are so many benefits over traditional methods including time and cost savings.

Drone Roof Inspections UK Professional Drone Pilots

It’s a fact of life that your roof, whether it be on a domestic or commercial property, is likely to require an inspection at some point.  This might be part of your maintenance obligations or to find the cause of a problem.  Using a drone rather than scaffolding or an elevated platform has several advantages.

  • Drones can be deployed quickly in comparison to having to erect scaffolding or arrange for an elevated platform.  If roof issues are already causing problems, then waiting is never going to be a positive thing.
  • There is less cost attached to contacting your local drone pilot than in erecting scaffolding in order to carry out a roof inspection.  Scaffolding erection and the subsequent inspection require far more man hours and equipment than a short drone flight or series of flights and so the cost will naturally be higher.
  • Drone roof inspections are naturally non-invasive – traditional inspection methods could easily exacerbate any existing damage not to mention the considerations required to take account of having a human being working at height.
  • Images and video from the roof inspection can be passed directly to your insurance agent or roofing contractor allowing them to form an accurate assessment of any damage and remedial action required.  Where inspections are part of a routine property maintenance schedule, if no issues are found, then there is no need to incur any further expense.  Where repairs are required, they can be accomplished with targeted precision.

So the next time you have a need to get a close look at your roof, then consider hiring a drone professional to get the job done.