Why National Drone Network?

There are a number of industry directories, trade associations and membership businesses across various imaging sectors, covering drone operators, camera operators, photographers, video and cinematography, so why another?

Despite having a ‘directory of subscribers’ at its heart, National Drone Network is different in that we focus on the multi-dimensional networking side of smaller businesses and aim to bring together a wider understanding of remote camera systems or ‘drone’ operators that isn’t just about UAV drones in the sky! Many operators and smaller owner-managed businesses utilise variable drone technologies in the air, sure, but also on the ground and underwater, they also have businesses in the traditional video and photographic sectors and drone equipment is now part of their toolkit and skill set.

Other Memberships websites are already looking to copy us! However;

  • We are the first to build a network built inline with the new EASA rules for aerial drone operations
  • We are the first to recognise ground based photography and video use drone too!
  • We are the first to create listing opportunities for multiple drone sector disciplines, and definitely the first to do it for free!
  • We are the first to bring together a network of casual staff for hire dedicated to imaging markets, making it easier to hire experienced and certified casual staff when and where operators require them.

Commonly people think of aerial UAVs when you mention the word ‘drone’ but remote camera technology can be deployed in a number of environments not just in the air, but on the ground, on cables, masts and even underwater.  Many operators in these areas are relatively new, smaller owner managed businesses and will have equipment and expertise in many if not all these markets. They can often find it hard to compete with bigger and more established production and commercial companies. However, we believe here at the National Drone Network that by working together as a network and backed by expert digital marking business services, SEO, and pro-active national client management, smaller businesses can obtain significant traction across the internet and therefore compete with operational benefit.

We don’t just stop there…. Along with marketing your businesses with our growing online presence, we aim to bring further streamlined business processes, procedures and resources such as website hosting and SEO audits, manual templates, digital resources and expertise, so that you can focus on running your business and not administering it. In the future, we are looking to bring other business services such as ‘front desk’ virtual reception, legal templates, further training strategies, CRM and many more ideas to make working as a small owner managed business easier by enhancing the collective buying power of being in a network.

We are not a ‘membership’, charging fees to join, we don’t even have a Facebook closed group as membership numbers are of no interest to us. We are focused on who our contributors are and not how many they are…. In our Specified and Certified groups we also limit subscriptions to territories so that you don’t find yourself competing with other subscribers in the same network, like you see with other membership methodologies.

It’s a new and refreshing alternative to paid membership websites and it’s coming in early 2020.

Launch and Implementation Strategy

Are pricing strategy is a simple one…. It’s free! We are not looking to make money from membership to our Network, we aim to make money from our Network Clients and various advertising strategies along the way. We do offer a website hosting package for those who may be interested, and yes we have to charge you for that due to the costs of providing hosting services, but this is completely optional.

So there is simply no risk associated with membership and subscription. You can leave any time, there are no terms that keep you associated with us. If you leave we delete all your data for GDPR purposes, so its’ a no-brainer to at least try the Network out as there is no risk or cost, only gain.

  • Step 1 – Launch – network development and add subscribers in the key established imaging markets

  • Step 2 – Continue to thicken content as well as developing training and knowledge resources for early adopters

  • Step 3 – Focus on network subscribers development and gain traction with new network clients

  • Step 4 – Implement further small business services to support small owner managed companies

  • Step 5 – Active marketing and focus on Client Account Management with our new established network and actively represent as agents in national contract tenders

Our website is best viewed on a desktop or laptop and the best browsers are Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge


  • Free Subscription

  • Single territories for Specified and Certified groups

  • Network focused, not industry focused

  • 3 Dimensional Listing Opportunities

  • Multiple listings from one subscription

  • A business network, NOT social network or FB page

  • Optional Website hosting

  • Optional SEO Management

  • Proactive Client Account Management

  • Not just a directory, but a multidimensional network

  • Not a Paid Facebook Group

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Free from cost subscription model

Our business model will seek revenue from advertisers, partnerships and commissions from larger national work contracts. This is a free to use Network Membership for our business subscribers