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A network of national and international drone and remotely operated camera service providers.

Delivering Photography, Video, Cinematography and Thermal Imaging services using the latest Drone remote camera technologies.

For corporate and commercial projects we offer professional right-sized Client Account Management services that will make research, review, selection and administration of national and international drone requirements easy, efficient and cost effective.

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National Drone Network

Our business network of drone professionals provide photography, video, cinematography and specialist thermal imaging services across the UK, Ireland, Europe and internationally.

The National Drone Network is a professional and comprehensive collective of leading industry solution providers, working with multiple drone technologies and platforms to deliver photographic, video, cinematography and thermal imaging services from the air, over the ground, on cable and masts, as well as underwater. Our clients range from domestic home owners and private individuals, to corporate businesses; film companies and industrial or government entities across diverse commercial sectors.

Recent advances in drone technology is finding answers to unmanned image creation at altitude as well as on the ground and underwater. The influx of innovation and technology investment has brought about a significant advancement in tools and equipment dedicated to remote camera capture of digital images in many far reaching and complicated environments. Small unmanned ground camera vehicles and specialist submarine underwater drones are now providing unique perspectives in photography, survey and inspection as well as mainstream cinematography and corporate video.

Our new national network of drone service providers for hire, will be found in your country, region, city and town as our network grows. You can find them using our simple map and search pages on our website.

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If you use Drone technologies in your photography, video and thermal imaging business, then consider joining our National Drone Network. We have a free subscription that allows listings in all our drone and remote camera systems categories. We also plan to offer other optional admin services for those businesses that are looking to outsource tasks and responsibilities such as website hosting and SEO Management.

We act as agents on your behalf to secure work and contracts nationwide with our national account clients.


CAA approved and certified drone pilots, working in the OPEN, SPECIFIC and CERTIFIED categories



Specialist ground remote camera vehicles and rigs for cinematography and commercial video productions



Specialist underwater and submarine drone vehicles for inspection, survey and video/photo production


UAV Drone Pilots for Hire?

Our National Drone Pilot Network listings are split into three categories, OPEN, SPECIFIC and CERTIFIED. This remains a developing area of clarification until the full CAA regulations have been fully published and made available in early 2020.

Our OPEN Category is available to all drone operators. From July 2020 the regulations in the UK will remove the need to hold a CAA commercial permission (PfCO) in certain locations and under certain conditions, as the regulations covering commercial flight will move to a risk based format. Our OPEN category drone operators are all able to fly for commercial reward under the CAA new approved Open Category from July 2020.

Our SPECIFIC Category is open to Arial Drone Pilots who have obtained the necessary certification, qualification and require CAA permissions to operate outside the OPEN category and within the SPECIFIC category. Prior to July 2020, these are our the industry’s PfCO and OSC CAA Approved Pilots.

Our CERTIFIED Category consists of specialist, verified, experienced and highly-certified operators who offer high-end specific skill sets or bring extensive experience, professionalism and knowledge to our network. These operators will often have Operating Safety Cases (OSC) and work with enhanced CAA permissions.

Drone Thermographers

Drone thermal imaging is payload specific and training qualified deployment which can happen both in the sky as well as on the ground.

Our network of thermographers cover skilled data capture through to trained and certified level 1, 2 & 3 thermographers where specified.

Thermal imaging requires specialist equipment and training in order to provide meaningful imagery and the data that these images provide can then be a fast and efficient way of accomplishing a number of tasks, including evaluating solar panel operation, insulation efficiency and identifying thermal bridging issues and areas of potential water ingress.

Underwater Drone for Survey and Inspection?

Previously underwater drones were used predominately for leisure and exploration of marine life and seascapes.  Many leisure models even featured a one touch social media sharing function to allow users to immediately publicise their underwater content.  

However, the advancement of drone and imaging technology has meant that far more functionality is now available and whilst they will never lose their appeal as a holiday companion, they can now be deployed in so many more areas at a price tag that is within reach of many more commercial operations and productions.

While the UK does lack the type of clear tropical waters and coral reefs that would no doubt make for a great deal of stunning footage in other parts of the world, we are surrounded by seas and blessed with a huge waterway network across our country.  This means that there will always be a a requirement for sub surface inspections of bridge stanchions, cabling and other infrastructure, vessels and marinas, as well as search and find activities to name just a few.

With the potential to leverage potentially great benefits in terms of inspection efficiency and business cost savings, underwater drones are surely going to become as commonplace as their aerial counterparts over time.

  • Maritime
  • Aquaculture
  • Security and Law Enforcement
  • Search and Find
  • Cinematography
  • Environmental Studies & Exploration
  • Search and Rescue & Disaster Assessment
  • Riverbank, Wildlife and Water-life Management

Cablecam, Mast and Other Remotely Rigged Camera Systems

Cablecam has been used in video and cinematography for some time and when used by experts can capture unique and incredible filming angles.

The inherent safety advantage of securing camera rigs to stable cable structures for filming over crowds at festivals, concerts and stadium scenes is a significant benefit when compared to aerial UAV solutions. Bigger camera systems can be deployed keeping system continuity to other ground based filming.

In recent times, new, smaller and simpler cable systems from companies such as Wirel, now allow cablecam shots to be used with smaller production budget videos rather than being the preserve of large production firms. Many photographers and videographers now add these small cablecam rigs to their equipment offering and skill set,

and can now advertise their services directly via our National Network.

Casual Staff – ‘Spotters’

Our network of drone spotter and competent observer casual staff are available for hire and offer drone operators experience and certified labour services, making staff selection reliable and scale-able. 

Specifically, with aerial drone flights, spotters and competent observers play an essential part in ensuring the flight can be executed safely and efficiently. Many flight requirements need the mitigation of additional staff to ensure take off and landing zones are kept free of the general public, an eye in the sky for extended and beyond line of sight ‘observing’ and to facilitate Operating Safety Case (OSC) reduced distance permission from the CAA.

As a Network, we invite casual staff looking to be hired to join us and complete our online training to ensure certified standards of reliability.  Our certification online training provides those operators looking to hire casual staff confidence that the spotters and observers they select to work with is fully informed on current legislation and safety procedures which reduces briefing and planning casual staff deployment. Selecting ‘spotters’ close to the location of the work reduces cost for travel and accommodation, making it easier to budget and provide clients with quotations.

2nd Camera Operators

Skilled and experienced camera operators are a very valuable member of the team with any production where drone navigation and control is complicated and challenging.

Being able to select casual staff with the right experience on the equipment you use or the environments you work in is essential. Our network of camera operators allow production managers and owner-managed drone operators to scale cost in planning and ensure the right skill set is deployed at the right time at the right location.

Using our national drone network maps, you can find and contact camera operators close to your production location keeping cost efficient and reducing accommodation and travel expense for your client quotations.

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